Pete Rooney
Pete Season 3
General Information
Full name Peter Rooney
Nicknames Dad (by Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker)
Honey (by Karen)
Pete (by everyone)
Coach (by the girls' basketball team)
Coach Rooney (by Diggie)
Mr Rooney (by Josh)
Gender Male
Resides in Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Occupation Basketball coach
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Family Karen Rooney (wife)
Liv Rooney (daughter)
Maddie Rooney (daughter)
Joey Rooney (son)
Parker Rooney (son)
Dina (sister-in-law)
Gran (deceased)
Josh Willcox (son-in-law)
Jacob Mitchell (son-in-law)
Anakin Rooney (nephew)
Amy Willcox (daughter-in-law)
Maddie Mitchell (granddaughter)
Daniel Willcox (grandson)
Relationships Karen Rooney (wife)
Affiliations Ridgewood High
First appearance "Twin-A-Rooney"
Last appearance "Wedding-A-Rooney"
Portrayed by Benjamin King
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Peter "Pete" Rooney is the father of Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker and is married with Karen Rooney. He is also the basketball coach for Maddie's basketball team at Ridgewood High, the school that Liv, Maddie and Joey attend. His wife, Karen also works at Ridgewood High, she is the school psychologist. He likes basketball and loves his family, but he can be overprotective sometimes.

Pete is portrayed by Benjamin King.


Pete is the girls' basketball team coach at Ridgewood High. He is a nice and funny man who loves and cares about his family, but he can be overprotective sometimes. He is a sports jock who loves barbecue, cracking jokes and is an overall caring an humorous dad. He supports Liv's dreams, but doesn't always understand the things she's talking about.


Pete has brown eyes and short dark brown hair, which he usually wears gelled up on the left side. He usually wears casual clothes and when working, workout wear. His style is simple and dresses like a typical modern father, but when he is at work, he wears his basketball coach uniform.


  • He is the father of Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker.
  • He is married happily with his wife, Karen Rooney.
  • Pete can play basketball very well.
  • He is the basketball coach at Ridgewood High.
  • He added a shot clock to Karen's "Family meetings" to make them more interesting.
  • In his senior year of high school he led his basketball team to a state championship.
  • He is very supportive of Maddie's basketball career.
  • At first, he didn't like Diggie.
  • He made Diggie get a haircut.
  • He's very overprotective of his daughters, especially Maddie.
  • He went to Ridgewood High when he was young and he was also a Fighting Porcupine.
  • He loves barbecue.
  • The girls's basketball team members call him "Coach".
  • Diggie is afraid of him.
  • In "Dump-A-Rooney" Maddie dumped him and replaced him with Bernard, but later she apologized and they were back as a team.
  • He wants Maddie to become a professional basketball.
  • He likes winning.
  • Pete also likes cooking, especially barbecue.
  • He has stage fright.
  • He likes Josh, but not Diggie. Pete thought of Josh a great boyfriend for Maddie and can tell he really cares for her. Josh also came to Pete for advice and his approval to marry Maddie, which Pete happily agreed on.
  • He does not appear in season 4.[1] However, he does appear as a special guest in Wedding-A-Rooney. He walks both Liv and Maddie down the istle when they get married to Jacob and Josh.
  • He is the uncle of Anakin Rooney.
  • He likes Sherry Chambers as Anakin's girlfriend. 
  • He has a beard in season 3.
  • He gets on well with Josh's dad, Mike.


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