Jacob-A-Rooney is a episode of Liv and Maddie. This episode is about Jacob's second trip to the hospital, but with low oxygen in his body. This is when Jacob asked Liv to marry him as he overheard his aunt saying they are moving back to LA.

Plot Edit

At the Voltage set with Josh and Liv Jacob comes in to talk to them and tells them he is quitting the show because he feels like he is interfering with Liv's work. Later at home Maddie is thinking about Josh and Liv walks with a sad face and Maddie asked why she is upset and Liv explained that Jacob left Voltage because he felt that he was interfering with her work. Josh and Jacob hang out at Jacob's house and Jacob apologized to Josh for leaving Voltage and eventually Jacob plans on asking Liv to marry him, but he wanted to wait a few days or a year before doing that. Later during the Liv talked to Jacob via Facegab and he said he was so sorry that he left the show. The next day Jacob wasn't breathing really well and he is sent to the hospital and Liv got the call from Karen about it and she rushed to the hospital to visit him. During the afternoon Liv and Maddie in Jacob's hospital room praying that he wakes up and gets to come home. The following night Joey and Parker went up to the hospital to see Jacob and saw that the girls spent all night there so after Karen arrives for the girls she saw them asleep and saw that Liv had Jacob's jacket on because she got cold. Jacob eventually wakes up and the girls were overjoyed because they thought they had lost him forever and he said it's not gonna happen for awhile and he was released from the hospital and returned to Voltage for Liv.


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