Help-A-Rooney is a episode of Liv and Maddie. This episode involves Jacob being sent to the hospital for coughing up blood and is having trouble breathing again. Meanwhile, Josh has to also take care of Maddie when she gets a migraine.

Plot Edit

While in California Maddie gets a cold and has to stay in bed and she has Jacob and Josh watching over her as well as Ruby, Liv and Dena. As Jacob leaves the room he is feeling a little sick himself and ends up coughing blood. He has trouble breathing again so as Josh and Liv see him collapse to the ground they call an ambulance and this worried the girls and the rest of the group. Meanwhile, Josh has to look after Maddie when she gets another one of her migraines for a couple of days. The next morning Dena and Ruby went to see Jacob and Dena told Jacob she will call Willow and have her see him for a bit and then try to see Maddie will feel better to see him. Later on at home Maddie refuses to be in bed and heads to the hospital to visit Jacob.


  • The title refers to Josh helping Maddie when she is ill from a migraine for a couple of days.
  • Jacob coughs up blood and is sent to the hospital.
  • It's revealed that Maddie is prone to migraines.