Plot Edit

One day at home the Rooney kids get an unexpected visit from their cousin Anakin who they had not seen since for a long time. Maddie immediately hugged Anakin when he stepped through the door and then Liv came down the stairs crying because she had not seen Anakin since she was in Hollywood, though Anakin was planning on visiting her but he didn't want to disturb her. While at the Rooney house Karen suggested Anakin was transferred to Ridgewood High but he likes his current school. While Anakin was in school the school had an assembly and they principle said that due to financial problems the school is shutting down and thus breaking Anakin's heart because he loved the school so much. During a assembly at Ridgewood Karen announced that her nephew Anakin was coming to Ridgewood and this makes the girls and Joey happy but at the same time it makes Anakin upset. Maddie later tries cheering him up but it doesn't work and so she, Liv and Joey try to help him together and its also not working. Eventually the Rooney kids sit down with Anakin for a family meeting and Anakin confessed he hates Ridgewood which hurts the girls feelings because they love having them there and that they know he misses his old school but Liv, Maddie, and Joey rather have him at Ridgewood with them. The next morning Anakin is getting picked on by Todd and decided to break Todd's arm surprising everyone even Maddie. On the way home Anakin announces he has a final fight to do and this causes Liv to be heartbroken because she doesn't want him to get hurt but Anakin has to do one last fight and he will retire after awhile. While at school Anakin sees a bunch of banners for the prom which the girls beg Anakin to attend the prom even if he doesn't find at date which he says yes because he knows the girls want him there. After he got to the prom he noticed his childhood crush Sherry in the gym which made him drop his jaw.